Ray Sawyer in Norway 88

History of Ray Sawyer

Ray Sawyer began his musical carrier as a drummer in a band 14 years old. In the late 50ties Ray played in band with rhytm and blues influes. In 1960 Ray releast his first single on Sandy records called Rocking Sattelitte/Bells in your heart. Two years later Ray releast another single called I,m gonne leave/ You gave me the right. In the middle of 60ties Ray formed a band called The Cajuns and they had some great songs as I,ve been loving you too long and Mathtilda. Ray met up with George Cummings and Billy Fransic who became the part of Chocolade paper. Then it was Dr.Hook and the medicine show named out of Rays panch after a car crack. It was many crazy years with the band fronted by Ray and Dennis. In 1977 Ray releast a solo album simply called Ray Sawyer, this was a great country album with his new single Daddy,s little girl which went on top of the Norwegian local charts. This album oversold Dr.Hooks new album and was tooned down soo Dr.Hook album Making love and music could sell better. Ray stayed with Dr.Hook and the band and they had many big hits with songs as When you,re in love Sexy Eyes. Ray was doing some solo singles as Dancing Fool and I don,t feel much like smiling in the late 70ties. In 83 he left the band didn,t want to be a logo of the band any more. He was doing  a country carrier sighning up with Mel Tellis. Ray went out on the road again first on a band he called The rest of the story, then he went out the road as Dr.Hook feat Ray Sawyer. In 88 he came back to Norway for doing 31 concerts and I was on many of them, he was doing Rhytm and blues soul and Dr.Hook songs backed up with a great band including J.P Fitting, Glen Layne, Peter Hansen, Rick Boyd, Karl Himmel. Ray toured all over the world with great sucses and still do it on an age of 75 that,s amazing. I had the pleasure to meet Ray several times and he was always soo nice to his fans. In 1995 he releast Greatest and latest with 12 new recording of Dr.Hook songs and 5 brand new songs. And in 2010 he finelly releast an album we had been waiting for soo long called Captain. The magic of Dr.Hook is still here!!

Ray Sawyer solo album

Rays solo album from 76 is one of the greatest albums I,ve ever heard, contains 10 fantastic country songs. I have never understood why this great album never had been releast on CD.

Greatest and latest!!

A little bit more from 95, contains 12 re recorded Dr.Hook songs and 5 brand new great songs!!

Captain new CD!!

It took Ray many years to release a new CD, finelly in 2010 he releast Captain a CD where Ray takes us back to his roots!!