My Dr.Hook collection

Here you can see all the great music that Dr.Hook have made thrue the years!!

Here is my collection of Dr.Hook!!

Here is a list of the albums videos and DVD,s that has been releast thrue the years!!
Lps: Harry Kellerman soundtrack         1969
        Dr. Hook                                       1971
        Sloopy seconds                             1972
        Belly up                                        1973 
        Fried Face                                    1974 (Not releast Collestors item)
        Bankrupt                                      1975
        A little bit more                           1976
        Makin love and music                   1977
        Pleasure and pain                         1978
        Sometimes you win                       1979
        Rising                                            1980
        Live i UK                                        1981
        Players in the dark                        1982
        Let me drink grom your well         1983
        The rest of Dr.Hook                      1984

      Doctor Hook                                1971
      Sloopy Records                            1972
      Belly up                                       1973
      Bankrupt                                      1975
      A little bit more                           1976
      Making love and music                 1977
      Pleasure and pain                        1978
      Sometimes you win                      1979
      Rising                                           1980
      Live in UK                                     1981 
      Players in the dark                       1982

      Dr.Hook Miscellaneeous singles:

     Bonus record Interview                1973
     The cover of the radio times        1973
     A free stimlu                                 1976
     For you from Dr.Hook                   1978
     What do you want for christmas   1979
      Dr.Hook DVD
    Don Kirscher Rock concert         1976
    Soundstage                                 1979
     Musicladen live 1973                  2001
     TV shows not releast but are in my collection:

    Live in Denmark                          1973
    Shel,s houseboat                        1973
    Old grey whisle test                    1975 
    Old grey whisle test                    1977 
    BBC spesial                                 1980 
    Australian highlights                   1981/82 
    Swamp show                               1982                         

     Ray Sawyer solo:
     Bells in my hearth single             1960
     Rocking Sattelitte  b-side           1960
    I,m gonna leave   single               1962
    You gave me the right b-side       1962
    Daddy, little girl single                 1977
    I need the high b-side                  1977
    Dancin Fool single                        1978
    Rhytm guitar b-side                      1978
    I want Johnny,s job single            1979
    The one I,m holding on b-side      1979
    I,m ready                                       1985
    69 years  b-site                              1985
   Ray Sawyer solo: 
   Ray Sawyer  Album                        1977

  Dr.Hook feat Ray Sawyer

   Stop teasing my hearth single         1995
   Hotel Christmas single                     2009
   Greatest and latest  CD                   1995
   With love CD                                    1999
   Captain      CD                                  2010

  Dr.Hook feat Ray Sawyer DVD not releast but in my collection
 Live in Denmark                              1988
 Live in Norway                                1988
 Live in Bergen Norway                    2005  
 Live in Harstad Norway                   2005

   Dennis Locorriere solo:
  You heard it all before single        1978
  When your eighteen b-side

  Dennis Locorriere CD:
 The voice of Dr.Hook                        1991
 The man live                                     1992
 Running with scissors                        1996
 Out of the dark                                 2000
 Alone with Dennis Locorriere           2002
 One of the lucky ones                       2005
 The lost tapes                                   2008
 Post cool                                           2010
 Post Cool Live                                   2011
 Retrospection                                   2011

Dennis Locorriere video:

The voice of Dr.Hook Live               1992

Dennis Locorriere DVD:

Alone with Dennis Locorriere             2002
Live in Liverpool                                 2005 
Hits and history                                  2007
Post Cool Live                                     2011

Jay David:

Didn,t it rain  

A lot of great music

Their very first album!! A real killer!!

Sloopy seconds

Sloopy Seconds the second album and many fans think this was the best one!!

Belly up!!

After two albums with Shel Silverstein as songwriter the group began to write some songs themselves and their own songs begame  my favorities. Just lisen to You ain,t got no right and The Ballad of!!

Fried Face!!

Fried Face was never releast, I got a demo of it nearly 30 years after it was ment to be releast A GREAT ALBUM!!


Back in 74 they were really going Bankrupt and releast this great album in 75, this was their most crazy album and I love to lisen to it!!

A little bit more!!

A new style here on A little bit more, I must admitt it took a little time to get use to this album, but after some hearings it was just beuatiful to hear all the songs!! It was a smash here in Norway was over a year on Top 20 Charts here in Norway

Making love and music/Live in UK!!

Making love and music again they changes their style, went as number 3 on the Norwegian charts!!

Pleasure and Pain!!

Pleasure and Pain back to the Ballads again, sold very well all over the world!!

Sometimes you win!!

Sometimes you win more disco on this one!! Another great album!!


They change record label on Rising here are some favorites and a couple I don,t like so much!!

Players in the dark!!

Players in the dark their last studio album with Ray in the band!!

Let me drink from your well

The last album!!

The rest of Dr.Hook!!

So it was finelly over!!

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OK Sender...

Egil | Svar 25.04.2015 02.10

To år, fortsatt samme status. "Let Me Drink From Your Well" er den eneste som ikke har kommet på CD. Synd, mest p.g.a."Rosie", virkelig en perle.

per gjövåg | Svar 17.03.2013 16.57

Den kom nok aldri på CD ble vel bar utgitt i noen få land. Håper vi får den på Cd samlingen!!

Trond B | Svar 16.03.2013 13.37

Vet at Players In The Dark kom på CD i CD-platens spede barndom men kom Let Me Drink From Your Well noengang ut på CD?

Per Gjövåg | Svar 15.03.2013 18.01

Kjekt å höre at cd,n er kommet, de andre kommer
nok ein gang!! Er heilt utroligt at Ray sin solo ikke er på cd

Per Gjovag | Svar 07.03.2013 00.00

I følge er den utsatt til 4 April noe som dessverre ikke er uvanligt.

Trond B 14.03.2013 17.54

Gode nyheter fikk CD'n i dag! Håper Let Me Drink From Your Well, The Rest Of Dr. Hook og Ray Sawyers soloplate fra 1977 også kommer på CD etterhvert.

Trond B | Svar 06.03.2013 22.39

Noen som har fått CDn Rising/Players In The Dark fra BGO enda? Skulle komme ut 4/2 men har ikke fått den enda. BGO gidder heller ikke svare på mail.

Trond B | Svar 19.02.2013 13.28

Ray Sawyer er med på coveret av "Let me drink from your well" så "Players in the dark" er vel ikke siste plata han er med på?

per .ingolf 19.02.2013 14.40

Ray var ikke med på den plata, den skulle hete Still Dr.Hook men så putet de bildet med Ray på sikkert for å selge mer, og la til en gammel sang med Ray Crazy R

Einar Svensli | Svar 21.01.2013 21.11

Dr Hook har j hatt som favoritt siden tidlig på sytti tallet. har vært på en del koserter m dem, både innen og utenlands. Dennis har en del konserter snart i

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30.05 | 11:09

ll are my big favorites...
oh yeah,, I like this page... Dr. Hook was and stii

08.05 | 03:26

Hey too bad I think I already bought all they putt out - all fun and great

25.04 | 02:10

To år, fortsatt samme status. "Let Me Drink From Your Well" er den eneste som ikke har kommet på CD. Synd, mest p.g.a."Rosie", virkelig en perle.

16.03 | 14:50

Beautiful song from Greatest and latest album!! CHEERS PER

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